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Jan. 9th, 2017 10:30 am
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[Once everyone had been accounted for and safely strapped in, the actual take-off was easy. Between Anakin, Breq, Allura, half the crew of the SS Enterprise, and many others, there was no way they wouldn't be able to figure out how to fly this behemoth of a ship off of this dustball of a planet, even if it was alien tech and half-buried in sand. Finding the strange crystals underground that powered the ship had been the turning point to realising they really could escape.

But getting the ship flight ready? That had been an entirely different problem.

There was so much sand in the engines, so many parts to repair. And it wasn't like they could just drive down to the local store and pick up what they needed. Teams were formed to work on the ship. By consensus, some rooms and parts were cannibalized if they were deemed extraneous to survival, used instead to patch up the ship's more vital functions. But with how quickly the ship drained power from their suits, the work, it seemed, would have to be done in shifts. The pace of repairs went at a crawl.

As for Ahsoka-- the slow pace of their progress on the ship seemed to visibly chafe at her. Now that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, she wanted to get going. Her tension and impatience she channeled into organizing the camp with renewed vigor and bossiness. If there was anything that the Clone War had prepared her for, it was organising others with no prior military experience for maximum efficiency. She very suddenly had less and less time for personal one-on-one conversations, instead pouring all her energy into making sure everything ran smoothly.

When Ahsoka wasn't doing her shift working on the ship, she'd busy herself with something else. Usually hunting. (They weren't sure how long they'd be in space-- sure, they had some map data, but with no idea of how fast the ship moved, it didn't mean a great deal. The camp all comes to the consensus to start stockpiling food early on. Of course Ahsoka throws herself into that, as well.)

When she wasn't hunting or gathering, she'd be teaching someone else how. Or yelling instructions at someone else on their shift while she stands from a safe distance away from the ship, waiting for her suit to recharge. Or drawing diagrams in the sand with the other tech-heads and trying to figure out how exactly they're going to solve this or that new technical problem of the day.

As the weeks of prep wear on, Ahsoka only gets bossier and more intense, and her eyes seem to shine with a burning drive behind them-- a need to save everyone. She starts to seem permanently older than her seventeen years, and it's unclear whether she actually ever sleeps. (She can sleep when they're safe.) She and Anakin start fighting about stupid stuff every third day, like about what part to replace, or what food should be stored for the trip. It's their way of blowing off steam, but finding Ahsoka stewing and pacing around the campfire with an air of annoyance becomes increasingly commonplace.

It takes them a month, all up, to get everything ready. The actual flying is the easy part.]
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placeholder callout post for 13-14 y/o ahsoka bc why not

you know you wanna
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feel free to leave a prompt or i will leave a starter for you in the comments
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fast and loose role-play

free and easy love, that's how it's s'posed to be!

want to thread with one of mine but aren't in the same game? want me to do something with one of yours in bakerstreet? can't find a good recent bakerstreet meme but want to thread anyway? want to explore au scenarios together? annoyed that i dropped that character you really wanted a thread with?

well drop me a comment here with whatever scenario (or link to a meme) you want, specify the character you want, and we can thread the merry day away!

any active or retired character from the muse list with two stars or more is fair game!

homeless characters are slightly different in that most of them don't have journals or icons set up, so you may have to give me a day or so to do that. and in some cases, a couple more days to canon review if i haven't in a while.


Jul. 12th, 2012 01:11 am
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how's my driving?

feel free to leave concrit here! comments are screened.

characters i play can be found here. go wild.
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Email: athousandsmiles at gmail dot com
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] exclamationmarks
IM service of choice: Google Talk/Hangouts (same address as email)
Timezone and Usual Activity: GMT+10 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Preferred Contact?: Email, Plurk or Dreamwidth comment. If I'm around, I'll always reply right away. The only reason for a delayed reply is that I'm not currently around! I slightly dislike Dreamwidth PMs, mostly because I find the system clunky and I dislike switching journals more than I have to. But I'll still reply to them no worries. As for Google Talk/Hangouts, please drop me a line somewhere before adding me so I know who you are. Thanks!


Post/Threadjacking: Yes please! No need to ask, just go right ahead.

Backtagging: Is always okay! Unless you live in in the Oceania region it's likely we'll have to backtag at some point, since timezones make things difficult for me! I try my best to backtag and pick up threads as much as possible-- but I'm only human like everyone else, so sometimes I do flake or forget. If you want to pick up a thread I dropped, please do feel free to tell me that you're still interested any time! Often I just over-commit myself and things sometimes get lost in the process.

Fourth-walling: I'm almost always okay with it. Honestly, I'm usually in favour of shenanigans. I like to play by rule of funny: so if it's funny, go for it. If you're really unsure because it's spoilery or whatever, you can always PM me and check.

Touching/Smut: I'm generally okay with it! Honestly though, I can't imagine we wouldn't already be in contact if it came up. In case we're not and you'd like to do something... contact me!! We can talk it out. I have no preferences re: het/slash/femmeslash; it's all good with me. I'm sadly pretty vanilla though, so if it's kink you're after, you've come to the wrong place.

Fighting/Maiming/Gore/etc: I love fight threads where the characters have some kind of dramatic or emotional thing at stake. So feel free to go right ahead! I am also totes okay with gore, maiming, trauma and other horrible things, because I am a terrible person. Generally though I don't think anything of that level will come up without us already being in contact first and talking through what we want to happen.

Psychic Readings: I'M PRETTY MUCH ALWAYS OKAY WITH IT. If you play a psychic and want to read my character's mind, ping me and I'll provide you with an in-depth blow-by-blow of what's going on in their head in the tags.

Death: If we're playing in a dark game/meme, I'm okay with it. (We should probably talk it out, though!) Otherwise, I'm gonna go with prrrrobably not. At the very least, it should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Squicks: My "hard-line no" things for shipping are incest and most massively unequal power imbalances. (EG: student/teacher, superior officer/junior officer, legal adult/underage person, etc e t c.)

Pings (AKA how to top me into apping for you): I am a sucker for: co-dependent relationships, doomtps, kickarse girls, dumb boys, tsunderes, tragedy in all shapes and sizes, and characters who make bad decisions and have a lack of impulse control.


Jul. 12th, 2012 12:42 am
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